About Malcon Engineering

we aim to provide a service that exceeds your expectations by selling quality water pump that meet your every requirement. We offer competitive prices with outstanding back-up service. From humble beginnings in 1996 as a family business in Cape Town, Malcon engineering water pump has now grown to one of the largest water pump suppliers in South Africa. We service the whole of Africa with quality water pump, professional service and expert advice from our branches throughout South Africa.

All of our electric water pump have been designed by an Australian team and are manufactured in the Rongcheng City, Province of China. This high tech facility manufactures water pump for export to Europe the Far East and Africa. As different countries have varying specifications the facility allows us to stipulate specific manufacturing requirements for materials used and critical dimensions to performance values

We Offer Nationwide Delivery

Depending on your geographical location & the amount of units ordered, Malcon Engineering will offer you delivery anywhere in South Africa within two (2) to three (3) days.

Our Application

| Domestic Application

Malcon Engineering Domestic pumps are Ideal for homes to maintain water pressure in taps and for general applications like watering for gardens (big or small) and fountains

| Industrial Application

Our Industrial Pumps are used in industries for a variety of purposes that include Cutting & Grinding, fire-fighting, managing sewage, heating & cooling of systems for example.

| Commercial Building Sector

Used in places like hotels, corporates, malls etc. where heavy pressure and boosting is required. We supply pumps with the latest digital technology for Cooling, Heating for example.

| Let us know about your project

Whether you need an industrial pumping motor built for the harsh conditions or oil and gas refining, or you require an energy-saving solution for a commercial hydronic pump or filtration system, you’ll find it here.